Go Shawty It’s Your Birthday

Today November 14th 2017 I wanted to take a break from the stories of the past and celebrate a special day…the day my sexy, hunky man was born….


Happy Birthday Mr. K xo 💖♏

Real & Crazy Lovers

Mr. K and I have been having a hard time since he was released, we are struggling to get to the place that we partially had before, desperately want to have now and just cant seem to find fast enough.






We had made so many plans of things we were going to do when he got out and now as each day passes, everyday life gets in the way and all of the perfect plans have yet to be done.  But not today or actually what started yesterday!  We were finally able to indulge in the night out we have been talking about, our special date night.






One thing the pictures don’t show is what a trouper Mr. K was being, he actually had a very bad ear ache and couldn’t hear in one ear.  Needless to say our evening got cut a little short but we loved every minute of it!

There is one thing we could have done without besides the ear ache and that would be something you can predict by now….”another curve ball”.  Seriously why the f@*k does life keep thinking I want to play baseball?
Truth is, I don’t care for baseball…I’m more of a hockey girl….thanks though!

The latest curve ball is something I will talk about, just not right now, I will just say we were woken at 5am and it had to do with Baby B 😞

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