Loving Yourself Means Caring Enough To Make The Hardest Decision In Your Life

January 30, 2015 was the day I decided I wanted to separate with Mr. EX, it was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make and it still pains me to think of it now.  To be honest with you nothing against women that divorce and remarry time and again, but I don’t know how the f*@k they do it, it’s too much pain in a lifetime in my opinion.  I guess of course it depends on the person but for me when I love, I actually love and give it my all no matter what and that is probably what kept me in a relationship for 28 years with Mr. EX.  There had been a couple times over the years that we had separated and got back together (even though we shouldn’t have), but things had changed, I had changed long before this but I continued to stay, and it was because I worried about how it would affect the 2 people that I cared most about at the time, my Baby B and Mr. EX.

At this time Baby B was 2 months away from 18 years old and I felt like he would be okay and Mr. EX, I knew would be okay no matter what, but I also knew they both wouldn’t be okay, just as I knew I wouldn’t really be okay either.  All I could do was have faith that they would find their ways just as I had to find my own.

kitty praying


I didn’t want to ask Mr. EX to move out because really, he didn’t ask for this and I wouldn’t ask Baby B to choose to live with me or his dad, and our home was the only home he knew, he was born and raised there, so why would he want to leave.  I ended up finding a cute little apartment to live in with RR Kitty and that decision brought me in a whole new direction, good and bad.


I had started writing this blog a couple of days ago but kept being interrupted and having to come back to it and coincidentally as I was finishing the post just now, I realized how peculiar this is.  I am writing today about the day I left my husband at the time and today I also just happen to sign my divorce papers.…
Isn’t That Ironic, Don’t You Think !!!!

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