Life’s Latest Curve Ball

I think its time I take a break on the past and talk about what’s going on with my Baby B.

I have picked up the computer so many times this week to try to write about this but the most I can get out is a paragraph before I delete it all and start over again.  Talking about your son’s wrong choices or misfortunes are actually pretty difficult to put words to and not to mention heartbreaking.

On the night we were out for Mr. K’s birthday I had let Baby B use my car and told him that we were spending the night out and that I needed it back in the morning when we were ready to go home.  Mr. K and I had an early night and I had woken up at 2:30am and called Baby B to check in like I always do, and he let me know that he was a few blocks from home but if I wanted to get up to drive him back home he would bring me the car then, I told him to just take the car home and I would call when I was ready in the morning.

At 5:30am ish Mr. K woke me to let me know that he wanted to leave because of how bad his ear was, and that Baby B wasn’t answering his texts.  I texted and called a few times but no answer, his cell was  probably dead because it wasn’t even ringing just going straight to voicemail.  Knowing he was out with his girl that night, I called her a couple times and finally she answered.  It sounded like I had woken her or like she had been crying or drunk even, I wasn’t sure because she didn’t say much until I got a little loud and said please answer me and tell me where the hell Baby B was, that I needed to get the car and he wasn’t answering me. She says nothing and hangs up on me!!??  I texted her and pleaded with her saying that Mr. K was sick, and we needed to get him to the clinic and can’t reach Baby B to please tell me if she knew where he was or to wake him up.  A few minutes later she finally replied….


He’s in jail





So, my son has been home from the hospital one week, and he shouldn’t even be home, he should still be in the hospital because the burns and grafts are not healed yet, but he is home and still in bad shape and she’s telling me now he’s in jail….my mind was filled with, what the f*2k is going on, this has got to be a dream, this is not f*2king happening right now, what happened and why, is Baby B okay?????

I knew that this had nothing to do with the fire he was in because two days before he was released from the hospital the police had paid him a visit, which involved them reading Baby B his rights because he was being charged with accomplice to arson.  No matter if Baby B started the fire he was in, the fact that he was there gives the police reason to charge.

There is another thing about Baby B that goes back a year ago and I will write all about it when I get to that part of “my stories of my past” but I need to let you know something now to explain the trouble this boy has gotten himself into…
This is not the first of Baby B’s legal issues, he has other charges that are still going through the judicial system, the charges from a year ago specifically are going to trial because of the circumstances, which of course is a whole other crazy ass story.

What got Baby B arrested this time, I wish I could get into the specifics, but I can’t because anything said could affect his case and remember just because the police charge someone with a crime, it in no way means that person is guilty of the crime!!  However because of Baby B’s plentiful charges at this point, when he was charged with this newest incident the courts revoked his current bail and he was sent directly to jail.



Baby B went from one year ago not having a criminal record to now facing 10 different charges, three of which are very serious and this is the reason he is in jail awaiting a bail hearing.

I have two men in my life that my world revolves around, Mr. K and Baby B, and I only just got Mr. K back exactly 30 days ago from this day, the day that now Baby B is being taken away, and for who knows how long.  Here I am, with the same things running through my head, what the f*2k is going on, this has got to be a dream, this is not f*2king happening right now, what happened and why, is Baby B okay?????

This time I am also asking myself if I’m going to be okay!!
I will be though, just another curve ball to knock out of the park.  Actually with all this practice, I have gotten one sick ass swing and pretty sure I’m in line to be the next female Ken Griffey Jr. ⚾











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