About US

Well I guess the first place to start is by letting you know that I had no freaking clue how to start or what exactly I was to tell you “About US”.  I had to Google search just to get an idea, and that was oh about 3 to 4  hours of surfing and reading, which was very informative but didn’t help me as much perhaps as it would for someone else.  Probably because almost all the bloggers out there tell you to more or less “pitch” yourself but now that approach doesn’t work for me, because I don’t have anything to sell nor do I want to sell you anything and my value to anyone reading is really just for you to know that you are reading an actual honest story of real life struggles of an interracial couple, that are breaking the law and fighting all odds just to be crazy in love with each other since the moment they met but…with many many twists.
By us sharing these twists that I speak of, that are all actual daily struggles that we have had to overcome (because that is the only option of course!!) that could defiantly be considered very unique or perhaps even bizarre!!  Some stuff we will have a hard time even mentioning, because we have been through some crappy things that without a doubt shouldn’t have happened, and some of those same things you may not even want to read about but our hope is that the person that will want to read it will gain from it, maybe gaining optimism, or courage, strength, knowledge or faith or shit, even a set of balls….that works for me, and it just so happens that Mr. K and I are filled with life lessons .

Back to “About US” ….. With our blog, because you will be constantly getting to know us with each post, I decided I would like to just show you us.  We are goofy, silly, crazy (of course we are crazy) and you should know it’s kinda a big deal to put this out there and I didn’t want to include a lot of the pics that I did and poor Mr. K, he has no clue I’m throwing us out there like this because some of the pics are not flattering at all but they are …..   US, 100% REALCRAZYLOVE aka Mr. K & Ms. D.

Thank you for visiting our blog and we look forward to getting to know you xo.